The Technology

Solar panelSolar panelSolar - PV Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells containing semiconductors such as crystalline silicon. This material creates an electric current when in the exposed to visible light. Australia has some of the best solar resource in the world, and within Australia, Queensland performs above par.

While rooftop Solar PV is very popular in Australia, utility scale is still a growing industry. There is currently 33.1 MW generated by large scale solar farms in Australia (May 2015). This exciting industry is expanding in leaps and bounds, and its combination with the up and coming storage industry only magnifies its potential.



House near turbinesHouse near turbinesWind
- Kennedy Energy Park will use wind turbines to draw energy of the wind and convert it to electricity.  The force of the wind causes the outer blades of the turbine to turn, transferring kinetic energy through a gearbox into a generator.  The generator produces electricity which is fed through a transformer to a substation.

Wind energy is currently the cheapest renewable energy source and supplies power to approximately 800,000 homes around Australia. Wind energy is not a new source of energy.  The first wind turbines began working about 50 years ago and now more than 100,000 turbines operate around the world. There are over 50 wind farms in Australia with approximately 1,000 operating turbines.