Energy ParkEnergy Park

The Kennedy Energy Park will be located on sparsely timbered farm land approximately 17 km southeast of the township of Hughenden and 290 km southwest of Townsville.   

The location for Kennedy Energy Park was selected by Windlab as the region has the one of the highest levels of solar irradiance that can be connected into electricity network and possesses a world class complementary wind resource. What makes it so complementary is that on a typical day the solar resource ramps up in the morning as the wind slows down, and in the evening as the sun is setting the wind picks up and continues to generate steady power throughout the night.   The result of this complementary relationship is highly reliable renewable electricity generation that overcomes the intermittency so often associated with wind energy or solar energy alone.  

The Kennedy Energy Park will connect into the Cape River to Hughenden 66 kV transmission line, which runs adjacent to the project site and the electricity generated will meet the demand of the local region stretching from Julia Creek through to Charters Towers.  

The facility will be a significant boost for the local economy, helping create local jobs and generating more business in the Hughenden region, particularly during the construction period.  The Kennedy Energy Park is expected to enter construction in 2017 and be operational the following year.