Australia’s first fully integrated wind, solar and battery project


Kennedy Energy Park has twelve 3.6MW Vestas V136 turbines installed on the site. Each has a 136m rotor diameter with a 132m hub height.

The force of the wind causes the blades of the turbine to turn, transferring kinetic energy through a gearbox into a generator. The generator produces electricity which is then converted to 50Hz grid-frequency and fed through a transformer to the plant substation. 

Wind energy is currently the cheapest renewable energy source available to humankind. It is now cheaper to build new wind plants than to run existing fossil fuel plants. The wind energy industry has been evolving for over 50 years with more than 500,000 turbines in operation around the world. Australia has more than 50 wind farms and approximately 1,000 operating wind turbines.


Kennedy Energy Park has 55,332 solar panels mounted to single-axis East-West trackers which are in turn connected to six 2.75MW SMA inverters.

PV solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells containing crystalline silicon semiconductors. This material creates a variable, direct electric current when exposed to visible light. Central inverters collect the output from thousands of panels and convert it to 50Hz alternating current for safe export into the electricity network.

Rooftop solar PV is already very popular in Australia. Utility scale solar is a relatively new and growing industry. The cost of utility scale solar farms is dropping rapidly, leading to several hundred megawatts of solar being installed every year.


Kennedy Energy Park has four 500kW Tesla Powerpacks that also provide high speed ancillary services to help regulate the network frequency.

Grid-scale battery storage technology is relatively new, and Australia is leading the globe in adopting this technology. Storage cells made of lithium ion absorb and release energy on demand, allowing surplus renewable energy to be stored during the day and released in the evening when energy demand is typically highest.