Windlab presented data today showing that wind generated electricity from Queensland’s largest renewable project Kennedy Wind Farm would deliver affordable emissions free electricity to Queensland.

“This is an outstanding renewable resource” said Windlab COO Luke Osborne “using the latest generation of wind turbines we can get this to the wholesale market at around 4 cents per KWh. New coal plants in North Queensland deliver for 7 cents and the most efficient gas plants are over 6 cents (link to more information about generation costs in QLD).”

“South Australia, which gets over 20% of its electricity from wind, shows that it is affordable and does not need back-up plant. It also shows the Federal Government’s Renewable Target works to deliver emission cuts – South Australia’s emissions are down nearly 20% (read paper). The Clean energy Corridor is an opportunity for Queensland to the same.”

A Clean Energy Corridor briefing in Townsville today heard that a ‘slimmed down’ version of the CopperString power-line connecting Mt Isa with the National Electricity Market is viable under existing Federal and State commitments. This power-line runs close to the Kennedy Wind Farm.

“It is vital that we be able to export electricity” said Osborne “and CopperString’s development is nearly complete. We need the State Government to commit to constructing it.”  “Without the Kennedy Wind farm prices in the NEM for all Queenslanders are likely to be higher”.