Kennedy Wind Farm, Queensland’s largest renewable energy project, has welcomed the news that CopperString, the high voltage powerline that will link Townsville to Mt Isa, is moving ahead.

Major users of the Mt Isa Mining community recently reached agreement with CopperString, and the project is now progressing to the final stages of development including contract negotiation, design and approval.

Kennedy Wind Farm is the State’s largest renewable energy project at 700MW. It will increase the State’s generation capacity by 6%, substantially improving the contribution of renewable energy. The construction phase will see investment of up to $A1.5billion generating up to approximately 240 jobs.

Renewable Hub. The Kennedy Wind Farm is one of a number of renewable projects clustered around the town of Hughenden including the 300MW Kaiwedera Solar Project, and PhytoFuel’s Biodiesel & Biomass plant. These projects will form a Renewable Energy Hub on CopperString and add over 1000MW of emission free electricity to the Mt Isa and Townsville region.

Kennedy Wind Farm is in the process of obtaining remaining approvals ahead of construction mid to late 2012.